As I Get Older

I realize the difference between friend and acquaintance.

I have a crap load of acquaintances.  It’s all good.  Acquaintances are people you can sometimes go out with and have fun with.  But you know if you feel like I did last night, well, yeah….there’s no point in it, they won’t be around.

My dad wasn’t worth too much knowledge in life.  He was a drunk who had his own demons.  I know what Vietnamese did to so many people.  But he did teach me one very valuable lesson in life.  He always told me if you had one true friend you were very fortunate.  This advice is golden and so true.  

Last night I had a friend to call just so I could laugh and joke.  The best part was, he had spent the entire evening drinking and was so wasted.  I couldn’t help but laugh that he was in such a state.  The best part was the fact he told me he loves me so much.  I do believe drunken words are sober thoughts.  He is the best friend a girl could ask for.

I have a very small circle anymore.  I have learned to not be sad my circle is small like I have.  I have learned to love that circle and hold those people close and just love them.  They choose to be in my life and love me just as I do them.  

I guess I also wanted to post something so everyone knew that I woke up this morning.  

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