Get facts instead of rhetoric

I’m very bothered with the things Trump has signed. Move aside the rhetoric of fake news and all the Russia and health care, remember….
He signed the following bills that I don’t agree with 
H.J. Res 69 about Alaskan hunting. 

H.J. Res 66 about retirement funding. 

H.J. Res 67 also about retirement funding. 

H.J. Res 43 about federal funding and Planned Parenthood/abortions

S.J. Res 34 about removing internet browsing privacy

H.J. Res 57 about school accountability (because I can’t find any documentation on how they plan to improve it)

H.J. Res 58 about assessing teacher prep (again because I can’t find a plan to improve it)

H.J. Res 83 about employers being required to keep records of employee work related injuries

H.J. Res 37 about documenting work related problems such as wage theft 

H.J. Res 40 about guns and the mentally ill

H.J. Res 38 about clean water ways and coal

H.J. Res 41 about payments to government from companies. 
I approved of 

H.R 353 about funding for NOAA

S. 305 Vietnam War Veterns Day 

S.J. Res 1 for a memorial for Gulf War veterans 
This is the stuff that should matter when voting for or against someone. Don’t fall for the rhetoric and things he wants you to buy into, focus on what he’s truly doing that will effect you, now or later.

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