Why So Petty???


I don’t know why this action almost always happens with women.  But it’s so annoying how PETTY women can be.

I don’t expect to walking into a family and be accepted.  I don’t expect to be family.  Family really doesn’t mean much to me, but I at least expect respect.

I’ve noticed lately that my significant other’s female family member seem to want to erase the fact I’m there.  One cousin doesn’t even speak or acknowledge me.  Another female turns her back to me or doesn’t speak most the time.  There’s a big emphasis of the meaning and dynamic of family, but there sure isn’t any love to extend that to me.  

Now sure, we aren’t married and I get that.  But the thing is, my guy and I don’t plan to get married.  We don’t want to get married.  I can already tell that these females will not ever see me as anything more than some girl that comes around as long as we aren’t married.  I mean, they don’t even speak to me.  Like a whole room of people are spoken to EXCEPT for me, and well, today, my kid was given the same treatment.  

See, I’ve done this shit before.  Petty.  And the thing is, I have taught my kid better than that.  I was taught better than that.  Shame on their parents and them for encouraging that behavior.  Shame on you.

My boyfriend isn’t going anywhere.  If they think this petty shit is going to make us break up, these petty woman are dumb.  If they think him and I haven’t discussed this, then these petty woman are dumb.  We have made a pact that our LOVE will trump pettiness.  Truth is, those with the pettiness are the ones that are making him unhappy.  Why?  Because he just wants to live his life and get the same respect from family that he gives family and he’s simply not getting it.  

I wish I could say that my feelings weren’t hurt by this.  But they are.  They are hurt that I’m not spoken to.  They are hurt that I can’t be given any form of respect.  They are hurt that I am erased from events.  Keep tagging everyone on birthday events and act like I wasn’t there.  I and him know I was.  We see it.  And the thing is, I did NOTHING for that to happen.  

When the time comes, don’t be surprised that you don’t come to his house anymore.  Because when we live together, it will be my house too, and I don’t let petty, disrespect in my house.  Blood or not.  That’s MY boundary and NO ONE takes my boundaries from me.  My bf knows this and supports this.  Respect his decision to not get married and respect his relationship like he deserves.  

Stop being petty.  

Grow up.

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