Mean Girls

You know, those girls that are out of high school but have no idea they are out of high school?  The ones that want to have little childish games and exclude people?   The same ones that also sit around and gossip about people all the time?

Well, I’m not the type of girl that does that.  

I’m not going to argue with you.  Or confront you.  I know how mean girls work.  They have so many deep underlying issues that when confronted they grow fangs and lash out.  I know.  I see you.  Hell, I’ve been you.  But usually people stay in that spot when they choose to, or they choose not to face the reality of life and instead attack to make themselves feel better.

I admit it. You made me cry.  I shed some tears and I asked a lot of questions.  These are my core trigger issues.  

What’s wrong with me?  Why doesn’t someone like me?  Why doesn’t someone treat me nice?  Why am I not worth fighting for?  What did I do?  You hit them all.  Congrats really, because it didn’t take you too long to find them.  And you did it in the faster way than most. 

But guess what?

Unlike most people and mean girls…I’m not scared of you.  I’m not truly upset that you are a childish idiot.  I’m hurt you feel it’s ok to treat people how you do, but then I know that my lack of NEEDING your approval is going to affect you more than your childish antics have hurt me.  I don’t need you to talk to me.  I don’t need you to even like me.  I don’t need you to live.  But I do need to recognize that you are all mean girls.  

The type of girl my heart never, ever wants to be.  

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