Reality Returns

I guess I put off writing for awhile because I didn’t want to admit I’m back home.

I wanted to stay there longer.  I didn’t want to come home.  The view, the weather, Mother Nature, all of it was more beautiful than I ever imagined.  I’ve come to think maybe I need a summer home somewhere on the water.  Or perhaps buy a boat so I can be in the water.  I realized it’s not just the water that calms me, it’s also the fact that I’m away from life, and the stresses of life that consume me.  I don’t take electronics with me out in the water or really even on the beach because of the probability of it being damaged.  I think that’s where my peace comes from.

Either way, I know I can ramble on forever about that and no one cares.  Hell, I’m not even too sure I care.  What matters is….I’m home.



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