Waves Are The Best Anxiety Relief

Yesterday, we made it.  Some wine tasting, some awesome food, a kick ass parade for Memorial Day and fireworks with the best view.  The hotel upgraded us for like no money, and I now have a jacuzzi and a tv in the bathroom. This, this is amazing.  I’ve watched ferries go to and from the islands all day.  I even found out that feeding seagulls along the beach make you relive The Birds movie.  I sat out on the balcony, where I am right now, and just enjoyed the view.  The water is so clear, the people are so happy, and life in general is calm.  

I felt no anxiety for the day, pretty much.  I did. Lot of soul searching.  I did a lot of enjoying life around me.  I did a lot of being grateful for what I have and who is around me this weekend.  My soul is happy.

The waves.  They are so calm and relaxing and they have made me feel an extra level of calm.  I don’t hear crashing waves like the ocean very often.  Only when the waves from the ferry eventually wash up.  Most of the time it’s just a calming flow of water. I guess you could say the water is like my life.  Steady.  Little waves of energy.  And then every once in awhile, everything comes crashing in.  There’s a cycle to it, just like there is with my life.  Maybe that’s why I relate to the water so well.  Who knows.  You know, I never thought about that until this very moment while I sit here, on this balcony, hear the crashing waves calming down, and realized it.  The words just flowed, kinda like these waves.  Funny how life works.  

I only stay here forever honestly.  Well, not winter.  I can’t even imagine how brutal this is then.  But while it’s nice out, I could sit here and listen to the seagulls along with the waves, watch the ferries go too and from, and enjoy the parasailing I see on the lake.  It’s all happiness.  It’s all life.  It’s all repeatative and yet soothing.  

Have a great Sunday.  

Lake Huron, my good morning view to you.


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