If you could help….

I’m not one to usually ask for help so being here and saying this is out of the realm of any normality for me.

But nonetheless here I am, pretty desperate

My bfs niece is 7. She’s an awesome kid who loves her dog, her school, her family. She got strep about 2 months ago and kicked it. But about 3 weeks after that she started doubling over in pain and vomiting. Then she peed blood.
She was taken to St Vs and was there for a week. Her levels for her kidneys were too high. They did a biopsy on her kidneys and discovered she has a rare autoimmune disease.  GPA(Granulomatosis with PolyAngitis), a rare autoimmune disease that affects the blood vessels of the sinuses, lungs, and kidneys.  It’s usually found in people aged 30-60. About 1 in every 300,000. Melissa’s case, since she’s 7, is 1 in 3 million. She was then transferred to Motts in Ann Arbor. She was there another week. She was given steroids and chemo. Yes, chemo. She started doing better and was sent home. She takes daily cancer meds. They must return to Motts for 24 hour cancer treatments for the next 4-6 months. The good news is, GPA is 80% curable.

Last Monday, she felt sick and started peeing blood again. They ran test her and one enzyme for her kidneys was 4.2. Normal is 0.5. 5.0 is kidney failure.
She was sent back to Motts.

They discovered her potassium was too high. Her heart was being strained. She was put in ICU.

The only treatment left was dialysis. She has been on that 3 times a day, 3 hours each time. Her steroids make her gain 5lbs of water usually a day.

Yesterday, she started complaining about not being able to see out of one eye. Testing found she couldn’t even see the laser being displayed in her eye. Her blood pressure was 178/107. She was put on continual dialysis. She then had a seizure.
She’s 7.
This family’s financial strain is beginning to be seen with the medical bills starting to come in. So as much as I hate to ask, if you could help them, it would be appreciated. They still have a 6 year old at home who misses her parents and we are trying to keep as normal a life as possible. So please help, if you can. If not, please send prayers. They are needed now.
Thank you.

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