Depression Is

A disease that lies on the inside and can be masked by so many people.  You don’t see the battle internally.  You don’t see the hurt and struggle and pain of it.  Functioning is hard.  Like, I get that life has so much good with pleasantries and yet there’s something there that makes it impossible to keep the smile inside that I show everyone outside.  

I’m empty in some areas inside and hurt on the inside over things that I just can’t seem to change.  No one seems to get the hurt and the struggle which makes it harder and harder to explain to people. It seems overblown to them and so consumed with loss of everything  inside.  

I see so much good in my life, and yet the consuming feeling inside overshadows everything else.  

I wish I could turn it off like everyone seems to think I should be able to. 

It’s just not that easy.

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