Who Done It?

This weekend I finally did something I have always wanted to.  Murder Mystery dinner.  

What a freaking blast.  

The Murder Mystery Company in Michigan does an amazing job!  I had such a blast, met some amazing people, and actually solved the crime!

For our anniversary, my Panda and I decided to attend one of these events.  We went to just take part, but before the show started, we were made in partakers in the show, both as suspects.  Panda wasn’t so sure about the event, so being put into the show was something he didn’t want to do, but he grew into the part and did a great job.  

The show was a murder at a 50s sock hop.  I played the brooding artist and he played the principal, so pretty much the most hated man in the room.  He got booed every time he got up to talk, but he found it hilarious after awhile.  

There were three stages and each stage gives you more clues.  What was great was the third scene I had nothing to add, because my character DIES.  I got to do a death scene.  

The show was great.  The actors were great.  We solved the crime and had a blast.  Panda told me that even though he wasn’t so sure at the start, he actually had a lot of fun.  We decided that we will be doing the one on the train nearby.  

I know who done it.  Panda knew who done it.  You should partake in a show and find out who done it also.  I doubt you will regret it.  

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