I work at home.  I have very limited contact with my coworkers.  I don’t get to have smoke break time with people or lunches with people. I’m home alone.  I deal with those aspects but the worst part is not having social time with coworkers.  I have shrunk to the point of life where all my friends are online.  


The closest coworker that I don’t know near me is about an hour or an hour and a half south.  We talk about weather, or things in those dynamics together, but we aren’t going to meet and hang out or even think of planning to do that.  I’m just happy there is someone who gets it when I say “It’s unseasonable warm for January”.

I decided to take this week off of work.  I wanted a time out.  A break.  A time to breathe.  Truth is, I started school again and I haven’t found that life/school/work balance yet.  When I announced I had the week off, my one coworker that I love and talk to quite a bit replied, let’s meet up, I’m off too.  She lives about 4.5 to 5 hours from me.  Halfway is a pretty good size city.

Long story short, we made plans.  

We actually followed through on them.

We met.

We talked.  

We ate.

We museumed together.  

I love her even more.  

We are in the middle of making plans to redo this meet up.  

Friends made and kept all from a work at home job.

Can you guess what we did?

P.S.  So worth the price for the experience

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