Oh what a night

I had never been to Real Seafood Company before.  What I have been missing?

Last night Panda’s company had their annual holiday Christmas dinner party there.  Such a nice small company he works for.  It’s a growing company and the boss was talking about how shocking it is to have 14 people working there and plans to expand to 26 next year.  It’s nice to watch a place grow and people work as a team.  There was nothing but an appreciation for the people that work there and them for the boss.  It truly was refreshing.

I have to say that atmosphere is something new for me.  I’m usually a very shy girl who sits in the corner and doesn’t hobnob with people.  I tend to resort to the corner and sit and just hope the night passes.  This crowd is unusual to me.  I’m not used to people with money like these people have and I’m not used to the difference in how one carries themselves and the conversations.  I can see the difference and it’s gonna be a bit of an adjustment for me.

Panda wanted to sit across from one of his coworkers.  Sitting next to that guy was his wife, she sat across from me.  I sat there quiet and Panda says, hey hon she loves to paint also.  I laughed and said to her “I do love to paint, I’m just not good at it”.  She then showed me her Instagram full of amazing paintings and drawings.  I was so impressed.  She then said, I have social anxiety, I don’t do parties like this very well.  “Me too!”  Throughout the night I found out we have SOOOOO much in common.  Needless to say, numbers were swapped and margarita plans have been made.  I can’t tell you the last time I found someone who has as much in common with me as I did with her.  I never expected that at a dinner party.

Real Seafood

Real Seafood Christmas Dinner Party

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