So Trump Was Elected…

And America has shown that she is a racist, homophobic, and sexist country.

So what do a mass majority of people do?  No no, not protest, that’s a small percentage of people that the news wants to show you to think less of those people.

No, a mass majority of us internet users have spent the last almost week ranting and throwing a fit on social media.  Twitter, FB, Instagram.  Fighting with people.  Arguing with people.  Nothing beneficial comes from all that mess.  It just turns people against each other with no real or positive outcome for anyone.

I’m the person who voted 3rd party.  I’ve been called an idiot, a vote waster, someone who didn’t have one bit of concern for who won.  I’ve been beaten around for my vote by people when they don’t even know who I voted for.   Never mind the fact that I voted my heart and voted for the person most in line with my beliefs.  That doesn’t even matter anymore, it’s just a war of R vs D, mine vs yours, I’m right vs You’re right.  None of that matters.

That’s what is wrong with this country.

So instead of bitching, I challenge all of you to make a difference.  Instead of living behind a phone/keyboard and complaining online, what organizations are you supporting?  Sending money and donating to?  Our volunteering your time to them?  Assisting them with their rights and freedoms?

What are YOU doing to make a change that you clear wanna rant about?

I’d love to hear that….Put some energy behind what your fingers type.  Get up, get active, get moving, and BE INVOLVED!

I’m not finger pointing.  I’m also asking for good organizations I can be involved in myself.

Let’s do this people.


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