Why I never want to marry again

I attended a wedding with my boyfriend this weekend. It was an out of town event and it was with people he knows. I sat through that ceremony and felt so happy for them. Even without knowing them, I couldn’t help but want to cry. They found their dream. They found each other. And they are making a life together. Yet it isn’t for me. 

I love my boyfriend. He’s the love of my life. Everything is so easy with him. Things flow and they feel so right with him. I know I will be with him for a very long time. I do not imagine a life without him. But marriage is not for us.  I have lost the purpose of marriage. 

Today’s day and age, we can make wills that leave things to each other. There doesn’t need to be a ring or a piece of paper to allow for me or him to be taken care of if we pass. He will provide for me but mostly for his nieces and I will provide for hi after I take care of my daughter. 

We both have living wills so we know what the other wants. There is no huge confusion on what to do because it’s in writing and our families know. Those wishes will be honored because we took care of them ourselves. 

We can still live together if we want. We can have our own accounts and have the ability to save and pay mutually. Just like married people, you take a chance of being in a financial bind if the relationship ends, but not screwed by legal strings like a marriage. 

Taxes aren’t worth the break because in some areas you receive the break and in others the dual incomes become a bitch. It ends up about equal in the end, so the perk isn’t there. 

We both carry our own insurance. 

I’m all for a commitment ceremony. 

He’s going to buy me a ring. 

He helps me with my bills if I need them. 

We plan to be together. 

I would love someone to experience lain how marriage changes things.  We are both divorced.  We both got screwed by our ex spouses. Neither one of us made it happily ever after. 

So marriage is for what? 

Please tell me why. I would love to know. 

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