When you wake up to chaos

I woke up this morning to the sound of sirens.  So many sirens.  They got louder with each second.  The number of emergency vehicles seemed to keep growing.  It never seemed to stop.  One after another after another.  It was eerie to wake up to that.  My dog was half on my bed trying to look out the window.  She loves to howl with them, but I think the excess and the closeness of the sound was even worrying to her.  The pit in my stomach was huge.  Someone, somewhere was in need of some help.  And fast.

I rolled over and felt around for my remote.  I found it.  When it dropped in my glass of water I didn’t finish the night before.  After viciously shaking water out of it, I turned on the news.  Its like 710am, so I know the news is gonna cut in to some local stuff soon.  Sure enough, in about 5 minutes it’s on the news that there is an accident about 3 blocks away.  The worst part is, the accident is right in front of an elementary school.  Granted, school wasn’t in session yet, but you know it’s going to be a mad house of chaos getting to school.

I think I’ve been a bit sad all day over it.  These roads are 25 mph and 30 mph.  What in the hell are people doing anymore?  The last 2 days I have had to slam my breaks about 5 times to avoid being hit.  Do people not look anymore when driving?  Did blind spots just suddenly disappear?  Does drivers ed teach them that they are entitled to go wherever and everyone will move aside and stop for them?  There is no reason cars in those speed limits should be so crashed up that someone has to be cut out of their car.

But then, I passed 12 cars in a 2 mile stretch while driving in the slow lane.  I guess people don’t realize the right lane is the lane for slow traffic and the left lane is for people to pass the slower traffic.  But we can discuss that another day.


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