The Path Ahead

The path ahead is uncertain.  I know part of that is because I’m lazy.  I know it.  Hey, I’m owning it, what’s your excuse?

Anyways, this path is super crazy.  Part of it looks pretty calm and mellow.  Like I feel like I have invisible handrails on the side to hold me in.  Those rails are my friends and family and loved ones.  But I also see some hills and what look like mini mountains that I need to climb.  Well, not need to, but they sure are calling my name.  I don’t get why they scare me.  Shit, the path behind me is a disaster mess.  Some roadblocks busted through, some bombs set off along the wall and some sinkholes that almost got me, but not quite.   I’m a pretty resourceful and determined woman.  Bring it life….see that path behind me?  Yep, behind me.  Eat my dust.

But am I this lazy?  I mean I have hopes, goals, and dreams. Am I truly this lazy to have them in my eyes shot and not even try?  Why am I giving myself so many excuses?  For what?  To sit on my ass and let it get fatter and wider.

Oh, well, if I work more and pull overtime, I’m still sitting on my ass….so maybe that isn’t the best analogy for this issue.  But you know what I mean.

Like why am I being so lazy to just look at my dreams and sit there and not try to make them mine?  I mean is life so great where I am now?  Pretty much it is.  But it would be perfect and to die for and full of meaning if I actually tried to go for it.  I can start with my easiest dream.  It’s not even a dream about making my own business, but it’s just kind of a dream to see if I could even do something for someone.

I want to start a business where people pay me to put together their puzzles.  I mean, I’m not gonna be a millionaire off of it or anything, not trying to be.  But I love doing them.  Imagine getting paid to do them for people and send them back?  That’d be so amazing and cool.

So, since I’m not seeing the idea taking up a bunch of money then why am I sitting on my ass to just throw up a site and see if anyone bites?  I mean it’s about doing puzzles which I love and doing them for people who like something but don’t have my patience for it.

I need to sit down and have a good long talk with myself over this pathetic lazy streak that I have.

And sit down I will.  I just walked a mile at the park.  This isn’t normal for me.  I’m lucky if I walk 300 steps a day.  Amazing what happens when you don’t even have to walk to your car from a work parking lot.

Have a great day everyone and enjoy!  It’s beautiful outside here.  But if you’re in Florida, prayers sent your way.  BE SAFE!

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