You get me, bro?

I don’t believe in marriage.

Well, maybe that’s not right.  I guess I should reword that to be, I don’t understand the point and value of marriage.  It’s so easy to walk into it, it’s so legally binding, and it’s so easy to walk out of.  One person can ruin you financially and one person can cost you so much money to get out of it.  Maybe someone can point out the purpose behind it for me again.  I’m divorced.

So, it’s hard to find someone dating.  Usually the same things happen.  One, a man hears that and thinks that you aren’t about commitment and just kinda runs all over you.  Or two, they want to wife you up and think that it’s something to do with all the loser men in your past.  Finding someone to actually listen and accept is hard.  Finding someone else who understands is soooo difficult.

But go fantastic me, I did.  I don’t wanna get married.  He doesn’t wanna get married again.  But we both wanna be committed and exclusive.

I just want to tell the whole world how awesome a conversation with my “boo thang” was the other day.  He asked me about Christmas and buying me jewelry.  We discussed why I don’t wear much of it, and why it’s not really my thing.  But I told him that, while not trying to switch things up on him, because I really don’t wanna get married EVER, I still would love to have him buy me a ring one day showing that we are committed to each other.  I would like my finger to dazzle like all the other women.  I would like to show off that I’m with someone and exclusive with them.  I would like to LOOK married when out, but no, I really don’t wanna be married.  I emphasized, that again, I did not want to be married and wasn’t trying to fish for that.

While telling him this, he’s drinking his margarita and nodding his head.  When I was done, he put his drink down and then said, “No babe, that’s a given.  I will be buying you a ring, I will be showing you that it’s all about me and you.  When that happens, you will be the one picking it out, it’s not gonna be a case where I buy something and you open it and smirk and say, oh wow babe, thanks while thinking how ugly it is.”

WHAT??!?!?!?!  I found the man.  MY man.  The ONE that the world always talks about.  The one that gets me.  Understands me.  The one that understands that while I don’t give to shits about society and what it thinks of me, or us, that I still like for society to know that I have someone.  Someone who loves me enough to still put that on my finger and still be with me and show he’s with me in all the ways that matter to me.  But also gets I’m not fishing for something I said I didn’t want and that I’m not switching the game with him.

So, I say…come at me.  Take me to the store and bling my finger.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.  I love you my boo thang.

Let’s do this.

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