Rain Rain Go Away

I am a lover of rain and especially thunderstorms.  I felt a letdown this summer due to not many storms.  A good summer thunderstorm with amazing lightning and some loud shaking thunder is what summer is all about.  However, we lost that this year.  Sadly.

Now come the fall and it’s been days and days of rain now.  Not thunderstorms, just rain.  Everything is wet, soggy, and gross.  But the worst part for me is the fact rain like that with the dampness and crispness of fall is making me sleepy.  It rains, and I fall asleep.  Maybe it doesn’t help that I’ve been working on this whole meditation thing, but man, it puts me right out.  I’ve lost a lot of time in the last few days sleeping.

I guess maybe this means I need to start exercising.  I am a fat girl…but Mother Nature doesn’t need to yell at me about it.  Stop raining and I can get started.  I need to mow my lawn.

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