Feed Your Fear

I’m listening to a self help book right now.  If you know me, then you know this is something I have always avoided.  I’ve always seen self help books and advice as the field of some know it all doctor trying to give me life guidance based on their view of life that is completely and totally unrelated to my life.  It’s some person who worked out some book deal to become published and ACT like they have a clue about the struggles of my life.

Until, the cover of a book caught my attention at Target.  A book by Jen Sincero called You are a Badass.

It caught my eye because, duh, I am a bad ass.  I am a woman that has taken blow after blow and kept going.  So, of course, this book is talking to me.  I didn’t buy it, I mean, I would never buy a self help book.  Who is this woman?  And why does she think she can write something that would even resemble how I feel about life?  Who do you think you are?

I recently found out that Amazon own Audible books.  You get 2 free book downloads if you join.  Well, I’m a badass, and hell, if I can get it for free, let me find out why Ms. Sincero thinks she can tell me how to unleash my hidden badass.   So I bit the bullet and did the free download of her book.  Now, mind you, I’ve never once done an audible book.  Why would I?  If I want my ears entertained, then I’ll listen to music, not some paid actor to read pages in a book.

I don’t regret buying it.

One, she reads her own book.  She doesn’t have some smooth, soothing voice.  She’s got a real voice.  And it’s real.  I feel like I’m listening to my girlfriend tell me the most logical of shit while drinking margaritas with this book.  I have to admit, some of her lines are beyond amazing.

Make your brain your bitch….Well, fuck yeah, this doesn’t sound like some stuffy doctor.  This is my life long bestie having a come to Jesus talk with me.

And today, she made some good points.  Points about fear.

She is right.  When we think about fear, it is a conditioned thing.  We really didn’t have fear as young ones.  Think of the kids you see.  They smash their faces against walls, they fall down stairs, they stick their fingers places that hurt.  They function on curiosity and exploring and as adults we focus on fear.  She mentioned how if we look back on life and pay attention to the previous things we were scared of, how small and insignificant do they seem now?  Pretty small I must say for myself.  I’ve done some crazy shit, some scary shit, but now that I look back on it, they are some of the best choices I have made.  They taught me a lot about life, about people, and mostly about myself and what I truly am capable of.

Today’s line is a line I need to remember forever.

“Feed your fear a suck it sandwich”

Fuck yeah, Jen.  It can choke on a suck it sandwich.

Because the best of me is truly yet to come.


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